Colombo, Mar 27 (ANI): Sri Lankan Foreign Minister G.L. Peiris has condemned a cabinet colleague for threatening to 'break the limbs' of those who 'betrayed' the country.

Peiris said 'no one could condone or justify' public threats of violence made by Minister of Labor Mervyn Silva.

The row emerged after state TV channel ITN broadcast pictures of journalists and rights workers it labelled as disloyal and traitors.

All those criticised by ITN had allegedly gone against the government at the UN Human Rights Council, which last week passed a resolution to conduct probe into government atrocities carried out in country's 26-year civil war against the Tamil Tigers in 2009.

According to The BBC, Peiris said the people depicted in the thinly disguised pictures on ITN had been making false and malicious allegations harmful to the national interest.

Confronted with that situation, I don't think you would seriously question that some people would react very strongly, Peiris said.

Meanwhile, the police have said they are looking into Silva's speech, in which he also said he was responsible for a journalist fleeing the country having been beaten up. (ANI)