New York, June 28 (ANI): Kate Upton, who catapulted to fame after posing as cover girl for this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, can be seen wearing a wet t-shirt and a tiny red bikini in a new eye-popping and sexy 'Baywatch' spoof video by Terry Richardson.

The video, titled 'The Many Talents of Kate Upton', is in part a parody of the old bubble-headed hit 'Baywatch' and shows Upton playing a lifeguard in a tiny red bikini and running in slow motion on a beach, the New York Post reported.

Backed by a punky soundtrack, the 20-year-old model's other talents in the video included skateboarding, hula-hooping and riding roller coasters.

Upton, who was shot by Richardson for the current cover of GQ licking a red-white-and-blue popsicle, continued the All-American theme visiting a beachside amusement park in the video.

On one ride she has a freeze-frame wardrobe malfunction, but covers up and smiles.

The model is also shown in a montage of shots seductively hip hop dancing in a bikini.

The video ends by saying that Upton's final talent is... Last but not least, wet t-shirt contest champion, and she climbs out of a pool in a sheer, clingy white T-shirt. (ANI)