Washington, Jan. 21 (ANI): The United States is helping Russia in hunt for four female potential terrorists, including 'White Widow', world's most wanted woman terrorist, who could pose threat to Sochi Olympics.

Ruzanna Ibragimova, the 22-year-old widow of a jihadist killed by Russian security forces, is believed to have traveled from Dagestan to Sochi.

According to Fox News, an intelligence source called Ibragimova 'white widow', and explained that the term is used for jihadists' widows who seek to 'blend in' to mount attacks.

U.S. forces are working with their Russian counterparts inside the massive, 1,500-mile security zone set up to prevent attacks during the games.

The U.S. bulletin stated Russia has deployed 40,000 police and security personnel in a 'ring of steel' around Sochi to deter attacks by Islamist militants from the nearby North Caucasus republics, the report added. (ANI)